Survivors of Empire Dawn are not named

January 18, 2012

Dear sir 

I read your log very interesting, my great uncle was in Empire Dawn, he was called partington.

I wonder if you know who survived the sinking by german ship michel.

mr brooke


Michel picked up some survivors from MV Empire Dawn.

The German raider Michel, which did the deed, also sank the British freighter Empire Dawn, picking up 22 survivors of her 44 man crew.

But they are not named.

MV EMPIRE DAWN was sunk by German Raider No. 26 in the Atlantic on 12/09/1942. Vessel was en route Suez to Trinidad to load Bauxite for London.

Raider machine gunned lift boat after vessel had been heavily shelled. There were 21 survivors (two died on Raider) who were taken to Tg Prick, Batavia.


Thank you very much mac,

Are there 2 ships MV empire dawn and british freighter empire dawn??

I found on web site cwgc tower hill [empire dawn ] a plate with names of dead sailors my uncle was on that Plaque partington.t.b [tom]

But I was trying to find out what happened, I was told he was taken to japan Nagasaki and died after the bomb .

Or we don’t hear of him,

Anyhow once again thanks for your time that’s very kind,

Best regards
Nigel brooke.



A history of Empire Dawn from Wikipedia.



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