Subsidiary of HMS Excellent?

January 15, 2011

Hi There,

About 1953/4,  I was drafted to a strange outfit which, I think was used for gun practice. It was somewhere around Eastney and was approached by passing a huge stone building/fort which I think was the Royal marine HQ. The area I was in was situated in the moat around the fort. It consisted of a number of wooden huts (maybe 4) which were the Admin hut, Seamans mess, dining room and Galley. It would flood at high tides. I'm hoping to be in Pompey for the
Cossack Reunion in April and would like to know where the site is/was. Any ideas?



The last time I was in Excellent was way backin 1941 doing my Sub Lieutenant's Gunnery course, and never forgotten.

I am unaware of the area you descrube.

Go to this URL:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whale_Island,_Hampshire scroll down to references and look at No. 2, you are able
to zoom into that map, and perhaps you might recognise where you are looking for.

Sorry I am so useless in your search.


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