Stingray caught in anchor

April 12, 2010 1:30 PM

Hi and Gooday

I think some of you web site readers would find the attatched photos of the fish a Frigate caught on her
Anchor interesting.

Harry Davies
Sydney, Australia.


Thank you for the photos. The best way to send me anything for AHOY is via an E-Mail, I then send it off to my Web Master Terry Kearns in Atlanta Georgia who will upload it to our AHOY web site.


April 18, 2010
Hi Mac

I left out some information re the re the Sting Ray caught in the Anchor. The Ship was HMS St Austel Bay and we were leaving the Cocos Island bound for Fremantle on route to New Zealand 1951 and the Catch was claimed by the 2 in the second photo Captain of the Foreastle and Chief Stoker who winched the Anchor in.

All the Best.........Harry Davies


Thank you for the extra information.



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