Stanley Williams, Marine, survived the sinking of Prince of Wales but died on 16th Feb 1942, presumably as a prisoner of war.

May 1, 2012


Reading your web site, I wonder if you can help me or point me in the right direction. One of my uncles was on the Prince of Wales when it was sunk back in 1941. He was my mum's brother and my mum never stopped talking about the event. He was only 18 when he died and it was such a disaster to my Grandad that he committed suicide.

I am trying to find out what happened to my Uncle. He was marine Stanley Williams service number PLY/X 100178. from Leasowe, Moreton ,Wirral in England Although the ship sank on 10th Dec 1941 he  survived the sinking but died on 16th Feb 1942, presumably as a prisoner of war.

No one is alive to answer the question as to what exactly happened to him after the ships sinking etc. and
if he was buried as a POW and if so where. He almost certainly was not repatriated to the UK.

Can you help in any way?

Many thanks
Len Rigg


Survivors from the two ships were picked up by 3 Allied Destroyers and taken to Singapore.

See the Force Z Survivors Association site.



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