Standford A Lenz served on USS Missouri?

December 30, 2012

My husbands uncle spent his military career on the USS Missouri. He was onboard the day they signed the Japaneese surrender.

,,, anyway I could get a copy of the ships roster for that time periord. His wife is still living and will be 92  She has never been able to see the ship. I would like to give her a copy of his name on the roster or is there a plaque with his name on it that I could get a photo  or rubbing.

His name was S1 Standford A Lenz.

Please advise of avaiablity  and cost,

Thank You, Marlene Magnuson


Here is a picture of USS Missouri, I was also in Tokyo Bay on the surrender day as a Lieutenant RAN in HMAS Shropshire.

See URL:

For details of Surrender ceremony.

Regret I cannot find Standford A Linz's name anywhere.


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