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April 16, 2012


My name is Birgit Holstad. I want to ask you about a photo of an old ship

Soverign of the Seas

Soverign of the Seas

Is it possible that I can get the permission to use this on my web-page. I am in order to establish me as an author, and because of that and the book I have written I could need such a picture. A sailship (from this periode, from 15. century) is part of the theme in the novel, and that`s the reason I think would be a curisosity for me in my web page.

Of course I would give you credit for it, if I get the permission to apply it this connection. I Will not as such sell it or
use it in other connections than in the erea as I`ve mentioned. 

Excuse me for not so perfect english and perhaps the lack of polite words, that I am not so good in a foreign language (I am Norwegian).

Birgit Holstad

see "A Brief History of the Ship's Figurehead"

Dear Birgit,

That is fine to use the picture.

Do not apologise about your English, I cannot speak anything else than English.

Goods luck with your book project.

Best wishes,

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