Sligo is in the Republic of Ireland, and *NOT *in Northern Ireland


Gentlemen: Just finished The Warlord which I enjoyed.  However, there is one glaring error in the book where the author states that Sligo is in Northern Ireland which is not so.

I was born in Londonderry N. Ireland and have been to Sligo several times where W.B. Yeats is buried, and I can assure you that Sligo is in the Republic of Ireland, and *NOT *in Northern Ireland. A look at the map will show this which could easily have been done prior to writing the book.  Thanks for your attention.

Charles Murray kz2b@sbcglobal.net


Thanks  for your E-Mail, I have a copy of WARLORD, but have yet to read it.

Although I live in Australia I have been to N Ireland and the Republic several times, been to Sligo, thus I know its location on Eire, and post WW2 visited Derry to fly with the RAF in Lancasters to do Sono Buoy training whilst undergoing a Torpedo Anti Submarine Specialist Course for the Royal Australian Navy.

So many books about either WW2 or people like Churchill associated with it seem to contain errors of fact.

Nice to hear from you,

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