Sidney Murphy was a Chief Petty Officer, AMS Voltaire

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Dear Mackenzie - one of the letters, from Ashley Brown, states that his grandfather, Sidney Murphy, was "Gunnery Officer" of the Voltaire. I think that he is incorrect as a probable result of misunderstanding of RN terminology.

My own father, Comdr JT Templer, told me about 40 years ago, when he was still alive, that he was the "Gunnery Officer" on Voltaire at that time and obviously I have no reason to doubt him as he was also second-in-command of the ship, under a full Captain.

I have looked at the crew list and found that Sidney Murphy was a Chief Petty Officer. It seems very likely, therefore that what he actually was, was in charge of a gun crew, not Ship's Gunnary Officer for the whole ship.

Perhaps it would be possible to inform Ashley Brown of all this as tactfully as possible?

Simon Templer


Thanks for that, I will endeavour what you suggest in due course, and I am sure you are right about your Father.

We are just back from Honolulu, where we were guests of the USS Missouri Memorial Association to be on board the Mighty Mo on the 2nd of September for the 60th. Anniversary of the signing of the Japanese Surrender in Tokyo Bay. I was in HMAS Shropshire on that day in 1945.

Just an incredible experience, and I was delighted to be listed on the Most Honored Guests Page in the Official Programme.

Best regards.
Mackenzie Gregory.

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