Sidney Cotton, HMAS Shropshire

February 20, 2009

Sorry Mac!!

A quick note to apologize for not answering your e-mail re Sidney Cotton. Just before Christmas I took a bad fall down a flight of stairs. Although the cracked ribs and pulled muscles are now better, I also developed sciatica which comes in bouts. For the past week I haven't been able to sit for very long and I don't have a laptop!! I wanted to thank you very much for all the info! And so fast! You really are amazing - you have such a willingness to share and your website is fantastic. I forwarded everything you sent me to my twin sisters and they too love it. My sister Sue told me they once had a picture or painting of the Shropshire but it got lost somewhere along the way. Well, it's midnight here (I live in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada - my sisters were already here so I moved up in 2004). We have about a 19 hour time difference. I have some more things to tell you re Sidney and will write again tomorrow. I hope you are feeling better Mac and I am happy that you have such wonderful and loving family.

Ann Nourse ann.nourse@yahoo.ca


Sorry to hear of your fall, and  trust all goes well at the moment.

I am pleased that the material on Sidney Cotton proved useful to both yourself and your sisters.
Your kind words abot AHOY are much appreciated.

Shropshire memorial window at the Navy Chapel on Garden Island Sydney.

HMAS Shropshire Memorial Tree, Australian War Memorial, Canberra ACT

HMAS Shropshire's crew, taken in Lingayen Gulf, Northern Luzon, the Philippines in January 1945.

Shropshire Crew, Jan 1945

I was given the task by the Executive Officer, Commander G.C. Oldham RAN DSC. to set up this photograph, his only other instruction "Only paint parts of the ship you can see!" Looking at the photo, I am sitting in the right hand chair in the second row.

Best wishes, 

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