Shropshire burial at sea of Arthur Frederick Duke account by Jack Dobson Sellars

Hi Mac,

I was just Googling info re my grandfather Jack Dobson Sellars (33437 AIF) who was aboard the SS Shropshire and stumbled across your letters re soldier buried. I have my grandfather's very detailed diary from when he enlisted to just before leaving to the front from England. I checked his diary and there was the info regarding the burial at sea - amazing.

see "10/06/1917 a soldier was buried off the ship, Shropshire"

It appears the OIC postponed an organised fight as a soldier had fallen down some stairs (sergeants mess) on 9th July and died. he was committed to deep on 10th July. I have included a scan of the relevant pages for you to peruse. Feel free to send it on to the person(s) who were interested.

John Sellars


My thanks for taking the trouble to attach a segment from your Grandfather's diary which reported the death of a soldier in the troopship Shropshire, quite a coincidence to see my AHOY site and then verify the story from Jack's diary.

I well remember the struggle I had to find the name of this soldier who fell down the stairs to his subsequent death.

An unfortunate accident.

Best wishes.

Hello Carole,

This will be a suprise, but this E-Mail arrived today and is self explanatory.

See John's Grandfather Jack's diary attachment.

Trust you are well, did you ever follow up on servicemen from Wagga who died in WW1?

I am going on quite strongly, had my 89th. birthday on February 9 last.

I will be pleased to hear from you when convenient!!

Best regards,

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