Ships of the Royal Australian Navy

April 29, 2013

Dear Mac, 

Thanks for your website! I would like to use the chart showing the Ships of the Royal Australian Navy in World War II in a book I am writing about my grandfather, Norman McCance. He was a well-known journalist in the 1930s and
was asked by the navy to write a series of articles on training manoeuvres they carried out in 1938 and 1939. He took pride in doing the work for them and met many of the men serving on the destroyers.

Could you possibly help me out with a contact address of some kind for the chart's author, John Date, so that I can ask his permission? I was peering at the name and thinking it might be John Dale, but it sounds like you have
managed to track him down.

Many thanks, 
Janet Werkmeister


I  am afraid that John Date has died, so there should be no problem using that chart, I suggest you merely use AHOY as its source.


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