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Hi Mac,

Pleased to meet you, my names Gordy and I am a retired seaman of some 41 years, my father was at sea 41 years also and my brother is still at sea coming up 46 years.

I was looking for a ship for a friend and I came across your site, then I saw you were looking for hospital ships etc so I thought I would email u to see if there was some way I could send you or your friends searching out a vessel any particular ship if I have it on board.

I love restoring photo's, I dont do it for money, only to preserve our history and give the photographer the credit...its a hobby of love passed on to me by my father.

He gave my bro and I stacks of artifacts and photos, plus he went through a bit during the war. He went to sea  as a 15 year old in 1940 and stayed there till 1981. His last ship was the Macedon, a Howard Smith ship and he spent 17 years on it. I was on it for two years myself but I felt too restricted, I couldnt be my normal self with my dad watching my ever move, especially being a 17/18 year old beginning to assert myself as a young up and coming man lolol

I paid off and left him with it and set about building up a log of ships myself...he stayed on the one ship for 17 years as I afore mentioned and retired 1981. He passed away last year sadly left me with a lot of fond memories including a vast collection of ship artifacts including old log books and lots of other material kept at my bro's 
place in Adelaide. I am on the God Coast btw.

This is my personal blog with a few ships I have been on, I am still looking for more Ships from under the Southern Cross

Anyway, if you need a ship, please give me a hoy, what I do is just for the love of it and no other intentions.

Cheers and God Bless

Hello Gordy,

My thanks for your offer very kind.

I have enjoyed looking at your site.

It all about the brotherhood of the "Seven seas."

Best wishes,

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