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March 19, 2011

G'day Mac,

Having one or two small problems around February, I did not look to see if you had received that video regarding the sinking of the submarine supplied from Ships Nostalgia Web Site. For some reason I just happened to look today, as I had been warned that I had nearly used up my online time.

I am caught up in a time warp due to my father having me when he was almost retired, and so with my brother being in the RNVR from the start of WWII, and my father being in Portsmouth Royal Naval Dockyard I was full of RN folk lore. Funny thing is, I can remember people speaking like those on the video, and therefore cannot make up my mind if the video is a clip from a film or, the actual encounter with something added on, which I am inclined to believe, as people do not jump like that when a gun is fired unless one is not expecting it.

Did you view the related videos alongside?

I was recently finding out about my brother's war service on line, and encountered a Michael Horden, the film actor, and found out that he was a Lt Commander during the war, quite interesting really. I attach a photo of my brother when he was stationed at HMS Bambara, Trincomalee, Ceylon, towards the end of the war. Also two of myself at the Wolf Rock Lighthouse, being hoisted aboard for an inspection visit during change of Lighthouse crew 1965...by the time I made Master I did not have time for such niceties!! In those days it was just a foot in a
bowline and hang on for grim death whist the lighthouse men hoisted away and the boat's crew belayed out the back line.. Today, Health and Safety Regulations would require a safety assessment form to be filled out!

Keep up the great work,


Nice to hear from you, and I hope all is now fine with you.

Yes, I did look at the video and agree with your thoughts. Great photos of your lighthouse visit, in the old days, we just got on with what needed to be achieved without the humbug of filling out useless forms.

Take care of yourself,


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