Served in HMHS Vita during at the Hermes rescue

30 April, 2012

I have seen a letter about the hospital ship Vita.

My father served on this ship and was also at the Hermes rescue. Imagine his surprise when he pulled someone out of the oil and sludge to be greeted by the words "hello dennis" - the chap he had just rescued was at his school and had lived just a few houses away!

My father was also a pianist and would often be called to play at various officers clubs around the globe as and when the ship was in port.

He often recalled the stench of burning oil at the Hermes rescue The thing is my father now 93 is still alive and is still playing the piano (the last recording we uploaded on facebook was him playing "A s time goes by")

He has a picture of the Vita in his room and clearly has significant memories of this time. Any chance I could be put in touch with your correspondent who stated they also had several pictures and notes about the ship? - I think their name was Handley (sic) actually Stephen Hanley. This would be tremendous to be able to share this my my father.

i look forward to your reply

malcolm partridge
derbyshire england

Dear Stephen,

This E Mail is self evident.

Would you please care to reply to Malcolm directly.

I do not give my correspondent's mail address to any one without their OK.

Best regards,




I have passed your mail onto Stephen Handley and asked him to reply to you directly, assuming he is still around.

I never give out my correspondent's mail address without their consent.

I trust he responds.

My best wishes and regards to your Dad, I am now 90, so he is doing well,

Kindest regards,

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