Sad news, Harry Mee. R.I.P.

August 28, 2009
Sad news


Sad news indeed.  One of the few remaining Perth men died quitely and peacefully yesterday.

Harry Mee. A gentle, gentle man.

Harry was "George" in Ray Parkin's book "Out Of The Smoke".

Harry ended up in the Sunda with his mates, swam to Sangieng Island and was one of the ten who tried to sail back to Australia in the rigged life boat.

Harry was with "Knocker" White on the island and in the boat.

I will miss Harry, I liked him a great deal.

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Sorry to learn that about Harry, as the years roll on they take their toll, at 87 now, I was only 17 to go to war in August of 1939, so I would now be one of the youngest who served at sea throughout all of WW2.

Of course Knocker White died some time ago, leaving 7 of my original 12 Jervis Year entry of 1936, still going.

Best wishes.

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