SS Galway Castle, Child Hero

February 27, 2010
Subject: Galway Castle


My great grandmother was on the Galway Castle, accompanied by seven of her children. One was named as a Child hero because she saved her crippled brother by tying him on her back and jumping into a life boat.  He had a hunchback. A certain man was named to have given up his place in a lifeboat for my great grand mother, to accompany her children, who were loaded on the boat already.

We would love to connect and fill in the gaps of this story for ourselves. I read the mail from Teressa Heales.  Would love to connect her and my mother, who still knows and tells this story. (See "Lance Sergeant Samuel Heales lost in SS Galway Castle")


Dear Tess,

The attached E-Mail is self explanatory, would you care to contact Marinda directly?

With best wishes,

"Tess Heales" <stormeskye@googlemail.com>

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