Roger Coward HMS Voltaire

September 18, 2009


I was on your website and i saw Roger Coward he is my grandfather unfortually he passed away before i was born my mother is his daughter and i have lots of his books i found all of the things (Voltaire articles and letters) that were posted on your website very touching

mia tate


Thank you for your mail.

All who were sunk in Voltaire were lucky to survive that fight, then Roger had a tough time in the German prision camp, particularly towards the end of the war in Europe when he and his colleagues were forced to march so far in dreadful conditions.

I know what its like to be sunk and lose your ship and home, my experience was over 67 years ago but the horror and memory stay fresh.

I am always delighted to hear from relatives of those whom I have written about on AHOY, and their WW2 experiences and stories. It is one way of keeping their memory alive and I am passionate about being able in but a small way to help that process.

Best wishes,

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