Robert Walder on the piracy patrols along the Yangzi river

August 23, 2013


You may recall my earlier emails about my father Robert Walder on the piracy patrols along the Yangzi river. I have not forgot to sort his pictures out, they are still patching my shoulder up after a ruddy post operative infection. What I was going to ask Mac, I mentioned the old boy won the DSM can you tell me what the little silver rose on the
medal ribbon stands for?

(see Robert Amherst Walder DSM was on priracy patrols along the Yangtze during the 1920's and Malta convoys aboad HMS Wishart and Gun Boats - China Station.)



The rose on the DSM ribbon indicates a second award of the DSM, So your Father was awarded the DSAM twice, quite an honour.

You should be very proud of your Dad.

Trust your infection has cleared up.

Best wishes

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