Robert Mckane Aitken and the Loch Ard

August 01, 2009

Dear Sir,

Having visited Port Campbell several years ago, and visited the Loch Ard I became interested because I had heard my Grandparents talk about the Loch line. There was a book at the Motel where we stayed, with some details about the ship, and the owners names were Curry & Aitken. My Grandparents name was Robert Aitken, and I know Grandfathers' Father was involved with stevedoring, his name was Robert Mckane Aitken. I'm hoping you will be able to help me with my search, I would be most apprciative of your help.

Sincerely yours
Janice Blaxter. 


Thank you for your mail, firstly both the ship and her line are spelt Loch and not Lock, a small point but when searching for details on both it will more likely bring up more detail if the spelling is right.

Some detail on the Loch Line and the ill fated ships they ran.

Loch Line From Wikipedia


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