Robert Cozens served on the HMAS Vengance 27 October to 3 December 1954, RAN logs?

August 26, 2011

Dear Gregory

I'm doing a memoir for me and my family.

A long time ago I served on the HMAS Vengance. I was on-board 27 October to 3 December 1954 as a National Service Trainee.

Although I recall most of the journey to Japan and return I would like to be more accurate as to some of the incidence of the voyage. eg.  There was an incident at sea when the Captain changed course to check out a lonely canoe -small lakatoi - which seemed to be lost in the middle of the ocean.  It had a crew of three, but only two were bailing.  They refused any assistance so we left.

I appreciate any assistance.

Warmest regards
Robert Cozens
Houston, Texas


I had left Vengeance just before you joined her, an afraid I do not know where her RAN logs might be stored.

See this URL:

For a brief history of the ship.

Kindest regards,

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