Richard Oxbym in the ONS5 convoy escort, a British ordinary seaman in his first ship, the corvette Snowflake

November 8, 2012

Dear Mac,

I have just come across your fascinating site after a conversation with my father, Richard Oxby, who served in the ONS5 convoy escort. He was a British ordinary seaman in his first ship, the corvette Snowflake. My father is now 89 and lives with his second wife in Italy.

He has a very clear recollection of the events of May 1943 and has described to me several times the incident when his ship tried to ram, but just missed, the damaged U-165.

I am sending him the link to your site and a copy of this email.

Yours sincerely, 
Paul Oxby

Hello Paul,

Thank you for your nice words about AHOY, it is a long and strong partnership with Terry Kearns my web master in Atlanta Georgia.

Although we have never met, it is a friendship that extends over 10 years.

I do the research and scribbling, Terry then whips it all into shape to upload to AHOY,

The site has had over 131,000 visits, so I guess some people are interested with our content.

Please give my best wishes to your Dad, I am just 1 year ahead of him at 90.

I would love to have any of his memories of  convoy ONS5 to add to that area of our website.

Good to hear from you.

Early Christmas greetings, and best regards.

Escorts ONS 5

H.M.S. Tay
H.M.S, Snowflake
Escorts for ONS 5

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