Richard (Dick) Hughes Jones served in Dunedin Star 

October 18, 2009

Just finished reading reading John H Marsh's on-line book for second time. My interest is based on my father's very happy memories of serving on the DS for 3 voyages to Australia. 14-5-39 to 7/9/39, 7/10/39 to 19/1/40 and 30/1/40 to 2/5/40. He was then transferred within the month to the S.S Trjoan Star and then a succession of other ships until his discharge.

He never speaks as warmly about about other ship. A photo of the DS passing under the Harbour Bridge in Sydney still has its pride of place.

He believed that the DS had been torpedoed off Anglesey until a few years ago.

My father (now 91); Richard (Dick) Hughes Jones was an assistant engineer from Holyhead.

If anyone would like to share any memories about the DS with my father contact would be welcomed.

Tudor Jones


My thanks for your mail, Dunedin Star certainly came to a nasty end to be ship wrecked in such a wild area, but it may well have been a better end than being sunk by a German U-Boat.

I of course took passage home from UK in her sister ship Tuscan Star via the Panama Canal to arrive in  
Melbourne on Pearl Harbor Day, a momentous one that finally saw the USA declare war on both Germany and Japan to mark the real beginning of the end for both those countries.

We will add your E-Mail to AHOY, and hope some one may  well want to communicate with your Dad about DS.

Best wishes to you both. 

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