Request from Russian TV Channel: HMS Edinburgh

July 28, 2010

Hello, Sir!

My name is Olga Polishuk. I am russian journalist of TV production  company "Adams Apple". For a moment we are working on documentary project which is closely connected with the history of Russian North.

One of the episodes of our documentary devotes to gold HMS Edinburgh. That is why we would like to contact Graham Jessop. You mentioned him once in your blog in an answer for some request. May be you can advice us an organisation or a firm he is headed, or may be you has his e-mail or other contact. We would be really thankfull.

I hope that my request wont be irritation for you. Sorry, if so.

Kind regards,
Olga Polishuk


There is no problem about writing to me, the only name I have  for the recovery of this gold is Keith Jessop, and he has recently died, on May 22 last.

I never uncovered the names of any others in that diving team.

Sorry I am unabe to help.



Thanks for the answer. I know that he is dead, but you actually mentioned his son Graham Jessop in that message, smth about his diver company. May be you know smth, he seems to be famous deep sea diver as well.

Kind regards,



I found this on the Internet

Graham Jessop - Pipl Profiles
Graham Jessop (born June 5, 1957) is a deep sea diver,
.... Contact:- Graham
Jessop. e-mail : jessop584@btinternet.com. phone : 01674
850968 . ...

Best wishes,

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