Replica of HMAS Alexander

October 7, 2012


I wanted to know if you have any contacts that I could follow up with regarding obtaining a replica of the HMAS Alexander. My great great great etc. Grandfather (William Wall) was a convict on this ship and I’d like to have a replica of the ship at home.

I haven’t had any luck to date so he’s hoping you might have some contacts.

Many thanks

Anthony Wall
Brisbane, QLD


Alexander was not an HMAS ship,  ( The Commonwealth Naval forces did not come into existence until Federation in 1901, the prefix Royal was granted to the Navy by King George Vth in 1911.

Alexander was the largest convict transport of 450 tons and carried 195 male convicts in the First Fleet. 

Convict Transport Alexander

Convict Transport Alexander

I think you will need to commission a Ship model maker to make a replica of Alexander for you.

See this URL: http://roberts-model-ships-and-boats.com/

Best regards,


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