RANGITATA-APRIL-1945, convoy was CU-65 not HX 348 

April 16, 2009 1:10 PM

Hello Mac.

Further to the posted letter from Arthur Burland; re Rangitata the convoy was CU-65  not HX 348.

I also was a passenger in the Rangitata-a returning child war evacuee

The burning ship Arthur mentions was result of a ship collision which lit up the night sky. The ships in question were the Nashbulk  and the St.Mihiel

Oh yes, I remember Gladys Cooper on that voyage; a voyage that experienced a vicious storm and on April 12/13th-the news of the death of President Roosevelt

Thank you for building such an interesting website-- I visit often.

kindest regards 
brit expat....Len


Thank you for the Rangitata information we will amend the Convoy number from HX-348 to CU- 65.

We do try to be accurate, but do not always succeed.


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