Publishers of the book SAILORS in CAGES?

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Good-day to you sir,

Can you help me with the name of the publishers of the book SAILORS in CAGES as I am going to try and order a copy from my local bookstore in Birmingham UK, also what year was it published.  I have seen the thumbnail picture of THOR in your site is a postcard size copy of it available from anywhere.  A late aunt of mine was married to one of the crew of the Voltaire, he received a big wound on his forearm and also suffered from swallowing oily sea water. He died in January 1951  aged 50 years. I am at the moment trying to trace what relative may have his navy documents but they may have been disposed of.  Hope you can help, I have a sister in Lowood near Brisbane by the way who thinks she has a photo of him that I can have.

Eric Sower.


"Sailors in Cages" was published by Macdonald & Co ( Publishers ) Ltd, Gulf House, 2 Portman Street, London, W 1, in 1967.

I would think it is well out of print, my copy was a second hand one I got from a Maritime Book Specialist in Australia.

I would try Amazon or ABE books to seek a second hand copy.

If you send me your late Uncle's name, I will go thru the book to see if there is any reference made to him by the author Roger Coward,  if there is, I will scan the relevant pages and E-Mail them off to you.

I will send the Thor photo off to you separately.

Best wishes,

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