President Grant took Canberra survivors home

 "Canberra" Pictures

Hi, Mac - a great selection of pictures you sent them - some years ago I obtained from the War Memorial a large blow-up of we survivors arriving back in Sydney on the (and I am always confused whether it is the "President Grant" or the "General Grant"!)

The reason being that smack in the centre, slightly to the right, sitting on a raft,
is MOI!

I have my right arm on my right knee, and my left arm on my chin, and on my left, with his left hand to his chin, is my old mate Mick Callaghan -  spinning me some dit --regretfully, we saw Mick off a few weeks ago to that great quarter-deck in the sky!

On my left wrist is the watch I still have, stopped at 6.10 am which is the time I hit the water thanks to that dick-head who issued the "abandon ship" order!

Sorry to bore you - if the wreath-laying over "Cannie" comes off, I will say a prayer for you!

Regards, Arthur


It was the US troop ship President Grant, we all came home in.

You certainly do not bore me.

Your Canberra watch is an historical relic, I still have my 1900 Binoculars I jumped off the ship to the deck of Blue.

Have a wonderful trip to the Solomons,

Best wishes. 

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