Prayer Book Scans, Father in law was Canteen Manager with NAAFI on HMS Voltaire, POW in Germany

January 27, 2013


My late father in law was Canteen Manager with NAAFI on HMS Voltaire, although a civilian during the war he had a rank of a PO.

He was a POW in Germany, I have several letters that he wrote to his wife (my mother-in-law) while a POW and also a photo and a prayer book signed by the Chaplin. If you are interested I can scan the material and send it you.

Best Regards

Henry Borg Barthet
Malta - Europe

That would be great thank you.

Best Regards,

Dear Mac,

I am attaching the file with the cover of the prayer book, inside cover and inside back cover, the two names on the front, one of them Lilian Casha is the daughter born 1948 (my wife) who used the prayer book when she was young  the notes on the back cover were made by my father in law at the POW camp.

See this image bigger

See this image bigger

I will send more later this week.


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