Postcards depicting the German Fleet scuttled at Scarpa Flow 1919

Hello Mac

I have 9 original and unwritten postcards depicting the German Fleet scuttled at Scarpa Flow 1919. They feature the remains of SMS Moltke, Nuremburg, Bayern, SMS Deirflinger and Seydlitz. I can't say they are in mint condition but they are in extremely good condition considering they are 90 years old.

They were given to me in 1947 by a sailor who was there at the time as a "Witness", I even have a postcard of him standing ondeck of a British Warship as an observer.

Would you have any idea what they are worth and who might be interested in them?


brian, Gloucestershire, England


Your postcards are certainly of Naval Historical interest and value, but it is really quite impossible for me to put a price on them.

It is going to depend on who out there in the wider community is interested, and whether there is any
competition to get them.

Would you be prepared to send me copies that I could put up on AHOY, that might draw some publicity and interest?

You might also put them up on Ebay and seek offers.

See this URL: http://www.catmaker.co.uk/ for Auction Houses that handle various types of old
objects, you might select a coupleiof these to ascertain any interest in your  collection.

I am sorry that I am unable to be specific.

Thank you for your information, and best wishes.


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