Postcard of some of HMS Effingham's crew, 1926

August 13, 2009

While sorting out some of the effects of my mother's friend Fred White of WoburnSands, who passed away more than twenty years ago. I found this postcard of some of HMS Effingham's crew, unfortunately there are no names on the reverse but just the hand written inscription 'Royal Navy + Military, Tournamount at Madras (India) Feb 9-13th 1926.

I know Fred served in the Royal Navy around that time and would guess he is on the picture some where.

I don't know if anyone would be able to put faces to names or know what exactly a tournamount was then. But it is an interesting picture and maybe it will help some one looking for pictures of the ship's crew.

Thanks for the site it is extremely interesting.

Conway Urquhart


Thank you for the interesting photo, just love the pith helmet on the officer in the centre.

A photo of a time long gone.

Your kind words about AHOY are appreciated,


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