Population for Albany at the time the US Great White Fleet visited in 1908?

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Would you please have a population for Albany at the time the US Great White Fleet visited in 1908?

The 1911 Census figures would be fine thank you if available.


Hi Mackenzie,

The Year Book of Western Australia 1912 has Albany's population for 1911 at 3,029.

Don Garden's book 'Albany A panorama of the Sound' states that in 1905 the population was at "its lowest ebb at 1,922 in 1905" - having been 2,715 in the 1904 census. In 1906 it was 2,124.

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Thank you.

I have been giving public lectures on the visit of the US Great White Fleet to Australia in 1908.

Their final port of call to coal was of course Albany, I was asked your
population in 1908, when the GWF called with 14,000 Sailors.

I could not answer that, and found there was an Australian Census taken in 1911.

Should you be at all interested the lecture is on my website at URL: http://ahoy.tk-jk.net/macslog/TheVictorianColonialandRo.html

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