Poem from HMS Chitral: "It was xmas day on the CHITRAL The boys they dripping like hell..."

HMS Chitral

Hello Mac

Came across your web site whilst looking for information about HMS Electra, Renown, Chitral, Repulse and Rodney, as my father served on these ships during the years 1928 to 1945.

I have been sorting through things i have had for years, i would like to share these with you and your web page readers, if you think they will be of interest to you. For starters I have transcribed a hand written poem, which  must have been written between 1940 1944, as according to his service log book he was on the Chitral during this time. Once i have sorted things out i will email you again with what might be of use to you.

Thanking you
Michael May
Manchester U.K.

It was xmas day on the CHITRAL
The boys they dripping like hell
JUMPER kept saying why worry
And JOCK TURNER didn’t fell well

They opened the party that morning
Just like a shot from a gun
There were eggs just the same for breakfast
But two, fancy two not one

Well we had to thank HIM that morning
We couldn’t leave HIM in the lurch
So straight-way the BUFFER went pipine
All hands to muster for church

Well after that game was over
The Captain got up, what a stir
He then babbled out propaganda
And told us what good lads we were

We then all tramped back to the mess deck
As the Skipper was coming around
But he had to keep lookout (up the mast)
As the convoy was nearly aground

When HONEST JOHN came down to see us
You should have heard the din
When one of the lads caught him handing
Cheap Viceroys from a John Players tin
They thought they would hand round the beer next
Well that was next on the board
A.   B. Swanborough had two small glasses
And by god he was pissed as a lord

We had Tike-key that day for dinner
That would be a good treat
But the piece that fell upon my plate
Must have come off the bastards feet

Then came along the great Uckers contest
Splash mead showed them how he could Uck
And they dipped the buffer god bless him
The same as you would a duck

We clued up that night with a concert
Held down in our store room flat
With Lt Ford up in heaven
Its a pity they sent him back

What a night that night of the party
The Chitrals a ship you can trust her
We were all very gay till we heard Tiddly say
All Blue watch to muster.


Thanks for that, I will await your future mail once to get things under control.

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