Plans available to build a scale model of HMAS Uralba?

October 29, 2010

I am making an enquiry about the mine tender HMAS Uralba which is listed on your web site.

My father served on this RAN ship during World War II.

I think there are very few of the original crew remaining.

As a hobby in retirement I planned on building a scale model of the ship. I have been able to obtain very basic specifications of the ship together with only a couple of photographs.

Unfortunately, this doesn't  go a long way to enable proper planning for the model.

Would you be able to assist me in suggesting where I might obtain a copy of the plans of the ship. I imagine the plans would have to have been lodged with some form of maritime authority or perhaps the RAN might have a copy.

Any assistance you might be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.

Greg Thomas


22 November 1942

    The minefield tender HMAS /URALBA/, was commissioned.
/URALBA/ was
    laid down in E Wright Yard, Tuncurry, NSW, in 1942.
She was
    requisitioned for the RAN, from her owners, the North
Coast Steam
    Navigation Co, NSW, on 13 July 1942.




OF* *


*Had its origin as the Grafton Steam Navigation Co., in
1857. That
concern evolved into Clarence & Richmond River Steam
Navigation Co.
Renamed December 1888 as the Clarence, Richmond & MacLeay
River Steam
Navigation Co. Merged with John See and Company on 13th
August 1891.
Entity renamed as the NORTH COAST STEAM NAVIGATION Co.,
Sydney. Merged
with Allan Taylor & Co during 1920, where agreed
redistribution fleet
arrangements saw both concerns retain their individuality.
Chairman and
main influence since 1920 was Allen Taylor. Took over
Langley Bros
1925/6. Bought out remaining fleet of Coastal Co-Operative
Steamship C
Ltd., in 1929. Port Stephens Steamship Co Ltd., Sydney
acquired in 1940.
Operated until 1954 when, largely as a result of the
several phases of
post-war shipping industry restructuring, went into
voluntary liquidation* *

*_New South Wales Coastal Service_**


**/_URALBA_/ 602 gross tons. Lbd: 154'8" x 37' x 9'3".
Wooden twin screw
steamship, of 62 horsepower built Tuncurry, New South
Wales. One of the
last vessels constructed of timbers owing to the shortage
of materials
during World War 2. Requisitioned by the Royal Australian
Navy upon
completion and utilised as a minesweeper in 1942. Sold to
interests (possibly the State Electricity Commission) in
1947. Partially
broken up 1964. Remains are now an artificial reef off
Carrum in Port
Phillip Bay, Victoria

The North Coast Steam Navigation Company is no longer, and the State Electricticy Commission was privatised, so its difficult to know where any original plans may reside, if at all at this distance in time.

Sorry Greg, I have run into a brick wall.


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