Phillip Roy Skeats, HMS Voltaire

british pow from voltaire

November 8, 2012 6:25 am
To:    "tracy-jane skeats" <tjsandthebs@live.co.uk>

I was wondering if you can help after looking through some of your pages i found a picture with my late grandad in it sent to you from a john mills, (see "William Palmer: survived the sinking of HMS Voltaire. Pictures from the Voltaire and Marlag u Milag Nord POW camp") i have found my grandfathers name in the times list of pow from hms voltaire he was phillip roy skeats, I am just trying to find out more about him and would love to see any photos, also i have tried getting hold of sailors in cages but sadly unable, if you can  offer any help or know of any others who would have some news .many thanks for your time.

yours sincerely
miss t skeats


I am afraid I cannot add any details about your late Grandad, nor can I suggest other names for you to contact.

Sorry I am  no use to your cause.

Best wishes,

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