Patrick Rooney survived the sinking of the Voltaire

February 21, 2010
Subject: HMS Voltaire Question

Hi there

My name is Greig Rooney i am 36 and have a keen interest in trying to find out about my Granddad called Patrick Rooney. He was listed as number 136 on the HMS Voltaire roll call. My Grandad survived the sinking of the Voltaire and ended up i think in the camp marlag or milag nord. I am unsure and would love to try and trace what happened and where my Grandad went after the sinking.

My Grandma is still alive and is 92 and i would love to tell her some accounts of my Grandad or even a picture or stories.

Would you be able to help me in any way?

I currently live in Broughty Ferry, Dundee on the east coast of Scotland.

My Gran still lives in the same house in Broughty Ferry she shared with Grandad.

Looking forward to any help or pointers you can give me.

Warmest Regards
Greig Rooney


There is a book called Sailors in Cages by A Volitaire survivor Roger V. Coward who post WW2 was a Real Estate Agent in Bath.

He has died. The book is published by Macdonald. London in 1967.

It does not carry an index, when I have a bit of time I will skim through it to see if your Granddad gets a mention .

Will come back to you soon.



See this URL: "Norman "Nobby" Hayes was on the Voltaire" on AHOY for some photos of POW's at Milag Nord

Also see this URL:  http://www.murrayarmstrong.com/tm/tm.htm


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