Passenger on SS Letitia 2

February 21, 2009

Dear Mackenzie...Thank You so much for your information on the Letitia. I have just recently found out that my Mom and I came over on her in Sept 3, 1946...I turned 3 yrs Oct 9,1943. My dad was a Canadian soldier...Mom and I were both born in Eastbourne, Sussex. I would love to have a picture of the ship that Mom and I came to Canada on. Another BIG reason I want to see this ship is because when Mom and I were on her coming to Canada I apparently was acting like a little one and running around, fell and damaged my nose. I have a little lump and sinus problems to prove it. Are you by chance researching family history ? if you are and have found relatives in Canada..if there is anything I can do to help it would be my privilege...I look forward to hearing from you...from email address I am assuming you are in Australia.  Thank you Jackie Brech 


Nice to hear from you.

Here is Letitia:

Thank you but I do not have any relatives in Canada, your generous offer is appreciated.

I do like your country and could easily live in Vancouver.

Yes, you are quite right, I live in Mlbourne, the capital of the State of Victoria, on the southern coast line of our great land.

We have been devasted by dreadful bushfires when the temperature rose to 46.3 degrees C, the highest in our history.

208 died from the fires, 2,000 homes destroyed, and 7,000 now homeless.

Where I live is quite safe, but we do have friends that have lost just everything.

Very best wishes. 

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