Passenger list the ill fated Royal Charter

September 26, 2012

To whom it might concern,

I am trying to get an image of the actual Gibbs Bright and Co passenger list of those on board the last, indeed the ill fated voyage of the Royal Charter.  One Nicolai Le Page is considered as part of my Le Page line.

Is this information reposited with PROV? Or is it another Victorian organisation. Any way, what are the identification details to quote when ordering the records?

Thanks in advance

Alan Le Page Morris
Western Australia 

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For a passenger list printed in the old Mersey Times. Scrool down for this list.



Here is a note I wrote in 2004.

I am just home after spending two hours at the Public Record Office and Victorian Archives here in Melbourne. I have finally found the repositery for outward bound ship passenger lists in the 1800's
I needed to learn a new skill, i.e.. How to use a Microfishe machine that takes a roll of records on film and allows you to scan them, focus, and then when you find the right frame, print out as a hard copy
the record. I had to find the roll of film for outgoing ships from Melbourne during July-December

Put it in the machine, and roll it forward until I came across wait for it, at last, the ROYAL CHARTER under Captain Thomas Taylor, this 2,100 ton vessel bound for Liverpool, Taylor certified : That the Provisions actually laden on board this Ship are sufficient, according to the requirements of the Passenger's Act for -- Statute Adults, for a voyage of ---- days. Date: 24th. August 1859. Signature Tho. Taylor. Master.

The number of passengers and the length of the voyage were left blank.

Then follows the name and Descriptions of Passengers.

Under these headings:
Port of Embarkation. Names of Passengers. Age of each Adult of 12 years and upwards. Children between 1 and 12 years. Infants. Married. Male. Female. Profession, Occupation, or Calling of State whether English, Scotch, or Irish. Port at which Passengers have contracted to land. Passenger. E. I. S.

On page two of this list at the 4th. Line appears M. Boyle. Single Aged 26. Miner. And an entry under English. ( they appear to have that wrong as he was Irish.)

I did not print out the whole passenger list.

Where do you live? I hope you might be able to visit the Victorian Archives at North Melbourne to find the complete passenger list of the RC.


Thanks Mac,

I live in a remote country area in the Shire of Nannup, Western Australia. Nannup Township is about 70 kms due East of Margaret River.

So you will understand that Vic's Archives are a bit of a challenge for me.

Best wishes 


I will try to make time in the near future to revisit the archives to  copy the RC passenger list.

Let me have your mail address so that in due course I can send the list to you.

Best regards,

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