Painting of 'The Pass of the Balhama'

January 27, 2013

Dear Sir:

I have enjoyed reading your articles about the Clipper Ship 'The Pass of the Balhama'. I inherited this large [41x66 inch] oil painting from my Grandfather George Hodge from River Forest, Illinois, USA. It was painted by Winthrop Nelson Trowbridge from Hingham, Mass. USA. and is signed and dated 1936 in the lower rigt corner. I have the original letters from Mr. Trowbridge to my Grandfather, in which he states the 1st owner of the painting was Harris, Irby and Vose co. in New York, N.Y. USA, for the cotton trade. I would be very interested in any information you
may have on this Artist: Winthrop Nelson Trowbridge or this beautiful Painting.

Thank you very much.
Sincerely, James Hodge.


I regret that I cannot turn up anything about the painter Winthrop Nelson Trowbridge and his painting of the Pass Of Balhama.

Here is the famous painting of her by Christopher Rave, a German painter.



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