One of the ships in Bari Harbour that was lost was MV Devon Coast

February 24, 2010

Bari 2nd December 1943...would you know the source of any of the photos?

Hi Mac and Terry,

I'm writing about the shipping company who's Master was in command of Devon Coast.

I saw your article on Bari and the photo at the bottom showed the image of Devon Coast, marked:

Allied ships burn at Bari, December 1943* 

*Photographs attributed to an unknown photographer. 

at "Slaughter at Bari, Southern Italy. 2nd. of December 1943"

One of the ships in Bari Harbour that was lost was MV Devon Coast. It had a role of supplying High Gas to RN/Army small craft, also fresh water and limited stores. (The best thing was that the ships Galley would produce fresh bread and the crew could have a bath). I think the American's would of called her a 'station ship'.

Devon Coast was a small coaster of 646 grt and had tanks fitted for the convayance of bulk petrol.

A web site armed-guard has some photos, near the bottom of the web page, showing Devon Coast bari02 is the best profile (image of which is on your site);

bari03 is reversed;

bari04 shows the vessel settling further


The pictures are credited to Dave Martin who said to me that they were sent to him by people in NZ and Oz.

So would you know the source of any of the photos?

Hope you can help

Mick Meras

PS Devon Coast (1936) was owned by Coast Lines Company Limited and the Master was Captain Albert
Terrance Mastin  MBE and Lloyd's Medal  (he received them for his rescue work at Bari) 

I haven't found out whether he stayed with the British Channel Islands Shipping Company Limited or not after the war, I think he stayed till 1946 but I've not traced which yet.


See this URL:

It contains photographs by Official US Army Signal Corps takjen in WW2, and in particular get up Photo No 3.

Axis attack on Bari, it is one of the photos you have shown.

Also see URL: http://www.450thbg.com/real/stories/bari.shtml for photos of a second attack on Bari in 1945.

Sorry I am not much use for your quest.


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