Old Bell recovered off the coast of Chile

October 31, 2009

Do you have any information on a English Ship JOHN RENWICK or JOHN KENWICK. A friend of mine has what seems to be  a very old Bell recovered off the coast of Chile. Some of the raised lettering is very faint but
what I have read that is very clear is in BLACK the BLUE is faint but my best guess. I had sent a picture to the
British Naval Museaum and they said it was earlier that the 1800's but the 15's and 16's make not much sense


There was a British ship named John Renwick that transported convicts  to Australia over the period 1836-1843, making voyages to Adelaide, Sydney and Hobart.

Some detail of this ship:

                          Depart from           Departure

                          Arrive at                Arrival
date         Other info     

      John Renwick   Gravesend
      Holdfast Bay
      Port Adelaide (m)   18 Oct 1836
      09 Feb 1837
      21 Feb 1837   ship 403 tons 1826-   140 passengers
      106 adults
      34 children

      # Family Name First Name Ship Date Location
Reference Remarks
      110429 - - John Renwick 1838 1838 28 August Sydney
SG Arrived on 27th August from the Downs having
departed 2nd May. One of the female prisoners died
on the passage out from scurvy and debility and
there was one birth

Second Detachment 99th Foot Regiment came to Australia as
a guard on the convict ship "John Renwick" which was
bringing convicts out to Tasmania in 1842.

ALEXANDER enlisted in the British Army 99th Regiment of
Foot Reg No. 2041, at NEWRY IRELAND on 30 November 1842.
From 1842, several ships sailed from England to Australia
with members of the 99th regiment on board as convict
guards. Amongst these ships were the Candahar, John

John Renwick
      One voyage only
      Male convicts on board
      Departure Port:    Spithead / London Departure Date:
   07 Dec 1842
      Arrival Port:    Hobart Arrival Date:    10 / 11 Apr

Convicts landed: 160 / 161

Surgeon's Journal possibly available on AJCP microfilms.

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Ship Reference.
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& Ferguson Ltd 1985.
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Tasmania, 1843-1850, Roebuck, 1998, p6.
Phillips, Margaret E., Australian Joint Copying Project,
Handbook Part 7, Public Records Office Admiralty Records,
National Library of Australia 1993, pp 75-77.

Convicts on board listed by Researchers

FERNS Patrick
HOUGH Thomas

I cannot find any reference to Chile.



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