Noel Williams, served as Stoker, Petty Officer, aboard the HMAS Australia between 14/2/1940 -- 31/12/45

March 16, 2011

Hello Mr Gregory,

My name is Pamela Williams. In reading your website, I noticed that you served aboard the HMAS Australia during WW2.

I have been trying to organize a war grave memorial for grandfather who I believe may have died of war related injuries after his discharge. I am looking to try and contact anybody who may have personally known him so I can gather some information in order to present my case to the Department of Veteran Affairs.

So with all respect, I would like to ask if possible, did you, or do you know anyone I may contact who may have known him?

His name was Noel Williams and he served as Stoker (Petty Officer) aboard the HMAS Australia between 14/2/1940 -- 31/12/45.

Thank you so much for your time.

My best regards,


Although I was serving in Australia for some of the time your Grandfather was in her, I was a humble Midshipman involved with some of the seamen sailors, I did not unfortunately know your Grandfather.

Here is his Certificate of Service in the RAN for WW2: You just may not have a copy.

From his Official Number, Noel was Permanent Navy, not having just joined for WW2.


Service         Royal Australian Navy
Date of Birth         25 December 1915
Place of Birth         CLAREMONT, WA
Date of Enlistment         14 April 1939
Home Port/Port Division         SYDNEY, NSW
Next of Kin         ALMA
Date of Discharge         13 April 1951
Posting at Discharge         HMAS Penguin

All the engineers who may have served with him would by now have passed on, I was only 17 when I joined /Australia/ in September 1939, so am now 89. I only wish I might have been of more help to you.

When you are ready to contact Veteran's Affairs, may I suggest you go straight to the Minister for Veteran's Affairs.

Here are the contact details for Navy Service Records:

Service Records
Proof of identity or Next-of-Kin relationship is required and all requests require a signature. Due to privacy restrictions, specific regulations apply to the distribution of confidential personnel records.* *
*Navy -
Personnel Records RAN         Phone: +61 2 6266 5962
Fax: +61 2 6266 5851

you should be able to get a copy of his service record, you should also seek a copy of his Medical records, which could be of help.

Good luck in your quest.

Best regards,

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