New book project on the Battle of Savo Island

August 19, 2011

I stumbled across your web page while doing research for a book project I am doing on the Battle of Savo Island. I would like to plumb your memories of the battle and your service on HMAS Canberra, and those of other survivors. Would you be willing to help a first-time book author out?

Your site is terrific...you might want to check out mine at http://usswashington.com/worldwar2plus55/index.htm 

Best, David H. Lippman
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Of course, just tell me how I might help.

Here are three books I have recently completed.        
Trilogy of The War At Sea. Written and self published by Mackenzie Gregory.

Volume 1: War in the Pacific. 1941-1942, And So To Tokyo.

 Covers all the major Sea Battles in the Pacific.

Volume 2: WW2 The War at Sea.

Covers The Battle of The Atlantic, The Mediterranean, The debacle with de Gaulle at Dakar September 1940.

Volume 3: Fighting Sailors And Famous Sea Battles Down The Ages.

Covers from the Spanish Armada, The Nelson days, Rise of Japanese Imperial Navy, their defeat of Russia at Tshushma, to The Battle of Leyte Gulf in October 1944.

Each book, $30 plus $5 if posted Australia

Available from the author:

E-Mail: ahoy.weblog@gmail.com 

Each book, $30 plus $5 if posted Australia.

Best wishes,


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