Moresby Admirals and their relatives

September 19, 2009

I spotted your email address on a Fairfax Moresby site. I am descended from the Moresbys who came from Moresby originally. A Fairfax Moresby was born in Gainford, Co. Durham in 1712. He had a brother Strelly and I believe his sister Elizabeth,( my 6X great grandmother )was his sister. Fairfax moved to Derby and had a son there, another Fairfax in 1753. Hope this helps. My Eliz. married John Latimer in Gainford in 1726.



Thank you for your mail.

The Moresby family and their descendents spread their influence around the world.

I write about an Atlantic Convoy battle ONS-5 for my AHOY website and it catalises some ten messages from around the world about the exploits of Moresby Admirals and their relatives, All very fascinating.

Best wishes from Australia. 

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