Models of Sydney 1, Sydney 11, and possibly Perth and Hobart in limited release

November 14, 2009

Hello Mac. I am the fellow who commissioned HMAS Sydney II limited release commemorative models All my stock
except one I am holding onto are gone but I do have production material to produce another 20. These can be an early Perth or Hobart before the twin 4 inch AA guns with protection were installed. Might have made the difference to Sydney? I am also looking at commissioning a small release of Sydney 1 specials similar to Sydney II that is metal 1/1250 scale mounted on oak base and in Perspex case for preservation of Australian naval history. The manufacturer has upgraded the old model as attached.

I don't do this for profit as these models are limited release and cost quite a bit to make and bring in.

Thought I would let you know. All will depend on interest as I cannot afford to advertise and keep price reasonable

Regards and keep up good work

Norman Reid

(03) 98200523


We will put your mail up on AHOY, under a heading:


Keep at it as it records some of the earlier ships of the RAN.


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