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April 05, 2009


I came across your website today.

I have learned an amazing amount about the RAN. Congratulations, for your fine efforts. Spent three hours on there and will be heading back. 

I am the President of the MVCA, the Military Collectors of Australia. Our committee has worked very hard to create a club that has a primary focus on Australian military vehicles and Equipment. 

We have created a forum and have broken down the different arms of service. At this point, the RAN is a little unrepresented. We have a few ex pussers on there but is all silent running on that part of the forum.

If you could offer any advice or perhaps partake in the forum, that would be most appreciated.

In the least, could we please place a link to your site on ours. 

The website is www.mvca.com.au. Our home page is under construction but the forum link is active.

As a Pongo, would be great to learn more about the senior service.

Thanks for your great efforts on your site. Have shot the link off to the rest of the committee.

Kind Regards 

Richard O’Brien oz_rob@tpg.com.au

Military Vehicle Collectors Australia, MVCA Forum


Thank you for your kind words about AHOY, I will ask Terry Kearns my Web Master in Atlanta Georgia to add a link to your site, but when I tried to get it up I did not succeed.

I would be pleased to help in any way you might suggest, including your Forum.

To start with I suggest you add these URL's to your own site:

RAN History Site:  www.navy.gov.au/History 

Sea Power Centre Australia:  www.navy.gov.au/Sea_Power_Centre_Australia_Mission_&_Structure 

HMAS SYDNEY Wikipedia URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMAS_Sydney 

Best wishes.

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