Mike Wezensky served in USS Camberra

Saturday, August 15, 2009

After reading your article "Mac's Web Log" about the USS Canberra Bell... It brought many memories of the Great Ship. At the time the USS Canberra was the only American ship named after a Foreign Capitol. I served in 1st Division and FG Division on the Canberra, and as part of my duties in Deck Division was to shine the ships Bell. I look at the picture in your article and remember the hours I worked on it.

One cannot forget the men who lost their lives on the ship in WWII, and one of the unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery, Washington was chosen on the ship just forward to Turret #1. I loved her and am still so proud to have served on her.

Mike Wezensky NCC(SW) USN RET 


Nice to hear from some one who served in USS Canberra, she was a great ship and certainly means a lot to my family.

All the best, 

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