Maurice Monin [known as Bub] served on the Shropshire during the second World War

May 12, 2009

Dear Mac,

My father Maurice Monin [known as Bub] served on the Shropshire during the second World War. He was at sea all his life as a professional Fisherman like his Grandfather. His own father was a navy man all his career serving in two World Wars retiring as a CPO Stoker, a time also on the Shropshire I believe. My mother who is still alive has many photo’s with captions of wartime sinking’s etc. As my father did not speak hardly at all of his time enlisted I read with great interest when I see Shropshire links such as yours like when I was researching Siebe Gorman type diving helmets.

Is there any ship’s personal  record site available for viewing online?

Hello Mary,

I have a Shropshire book called Porthole, so named after our WW2 call sign.

In it is a list of all who served in her in WW2.

Your father is listed as : Able Seaman Monin M, his father is not listed.
See this URL:
http://www.ahoy.tk-jk.net/macslog/HMASShropshireabookbyStan.html for Stan Nicholl's book on the ship on line. 

Here is your Dad's WW2 Certificate of Service:

Able Seaman

Service  Royal Australian Navy
Date of Birth  12 December 1924
Place of Birth  GRANVILLE
Date of Enlistment  1 June 1942
Home Port/Port Division  SYDNEY, NSW
Next of Kin  VERA
Date of Discharge  21 January 1946
Posting at Discharge  HMAS Rushcutter

If you give me his Father's initials I should be able to find his Certificate.


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