Marlag un milag nord - survivors of Voltaire who wound up incarcerated there

Marlag un milag nord

Hi, Im Gabe. Author of Milag - Captives of the Kriegsmarine and President of Milag POW association.I dont recognise the pictures as being Marlag but then Im only semi expert on Milag.

Have you seen John Worsleys War? He was Navy War artist taken prisoner and incarcerated in Marlag. Lots pictures etc and plan of Marlag (O and R). I have copy if you are interested.

Have you seen "The Captive Heart" film. shot on location in MARLAG in 1946  shots of external huts may help you identify locations.

Regards Gabe Thomas

Hello Gabe,

Thank you for your message and its interesting information. I would be grateful for a copy of the Plan of Marlag thank you, my interest stems from the survivors of Voltaire who wound up incarcerated there.

Best wishes.
Mac. Gregory.

"Jim Waggott ex-Port Wellington, led one Boxing School complete with coach and even had Tom Harper, an Army DEMS gunner as its trainer/masseur. Waggott fought several exhibition bouts with G. Wiskew and Albert Dean who ran other boxing schools. Tom Barham, a professional boxer from HMS Voltaire was unable to box himself, as a result of shrapnel wounds, ran another school.

The Thor, alternatively known as the Vir or Ship 10, (ex-Santa Cruz) also captured or sank twenty-two ships totalling 152,639 tons during her two voyages before being destroyed in Yokohama by an accidental explosion in a nearby tanker. In Milag were representatives of the Delambre, Bruges, Gracefield, Wendover, Tela, Natia, Trollenholm, Brittania, HMS Voltaire, and Sir Ernest Cassel.

Of course the Voltaire  was an AMC so most of the seamen on board would technically have been MN on a T124 agreement!


My thanks for all your trouble.


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