Margaret Gilmore Chief Petty Officer, Royal NZ Women's Naval Service

February 13, 2009

Dear Mac

Are you able to supply any information on Margaret Gilmore Chief Petty Officer (deceased) she was stationed at Blenheim during world war 2 in the WRNZN Services.  Any help would be much  appreciated.

Kindest regards
Mary Gilmore (Daughter)


I suggest you start looking here:


for the WRNZNS: Royal NZ Women's Naval Service.

See this extract:

Enquiries about deceased former servicemen and women

Anyone can request the service records of deceased former service personnel, whether it is for a research project, your family history or your personal interest.

You can request a copy of a deceased person’s service record by writing to us at NZDF Archives.

Please note that if the person concerned died after leaving the services this fact may not be recorded on their file. In such cases you will need to send us some form of evidence that they are deceased. This could be a copy of a death certificate, newspaper death notice, funeral service sheet or photograph of the headstone. It will save time if you send us this information with your initial request.

    * Military Service Files Copy Application Form [pdf - 60k]

    * Military Service Files Copy Application Form [.rtf - 104k]


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