Mac McLeod author of "Malta Diary"

August 26, 2012


I've been checking out your site from a link I got from Tony Barton (see Squadron 126 leader ARH Barton - Tony or Killer"). He sent me a paper he polished off that his father had written and he mentions that he got some info from your site. Great stuff !

I came across your PDF of "Malta Diary" (Click here to read the whole document) ... terrific find for me because I have the same paper but the first page was missing. It was great to finally have the whole article. I plan to post it on Mac's page ... when I get around to making it ;^)

I just wanted to let you know that I have copies of most of his ww2 stuff, including pictures, logbook entries and a diary he wrote called "Convoy Diary", and that, yes, I can confirm he did write "Malta Diary"

Seems when Mac died, his best friend Jimmy Pack ended up with his stuff and when Jimmy died his and Don's stuff went to Jim's nephew.

That's where I got it from. The nephew - named Jim after his uncle - has never been in contact with any living relatives of Mac's and has told me that if he ever finds one who is interested in his stuff, he would gladly hand it
over !

Well, that's about it  ;^)
All the best to you and yours,

Oh, BTW - If yo need a photo of Mac for your site, lemme know


My thanks for your mail.

I would like a photo of Mac please, and could we also have a copy of Convoy Diary for AHOY ?

All the best,


Here is Convoy Diary as an Ahoy article.

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